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Kubi May - BA(hons) MNCP

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Individual: Counselling, Coaching, Art Therapy

Holistic Counselling, treatments & Creative Art Therapy for the mind, body & Spirit


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At EarthTribe Therapies, I offer Therapy (either one-to-one or as a couple/group) and also training workshops in Reiki.

I do regular counselling, coaching or therapy with the added bonus (for no extra cost) of creative art therapy, meditation tutoring, nutrition advice plus a beautiful array of Holistic treats like Reiki healing and Aromatherapy, where you can mix and match these treatments alongside your therapy if you wish. Or you can simply stick with regular counselling- it is completely up to you :)

I believe that every single human being is born with an acorn of potential and one of the most satisfying things about my job, is witnessing how therapy can water that acorn until it transforms into a mighty oak :)
Holistic and Creative Therapy is all about returning to your origins and re-learning who you were born to be, removing the old habits, negative thoughts and beliefs that hold us back, reaching your true potential with confidence and watching your life transform.

Experience and qualifications

I am a registered member of the National Council of Psychotherapists with a BA(hons) in Creative Therapies and work part time as a Creative Therapy practitioner for Wandsworth Council. I also have Master Level certificates in Reiki Healing, Life Coaching and Vipassana Meditation.
More recently, I have been working to help the refugees crisis by offering support with Art Therapy in 'The Jungle', Calais. I'm a big believer in big change, having instigated many therapeutic research projects around the world. Now a published Author with Aesthetica, I'm also in the process of writing a book which demonstrates the effectiveness of Holistic therapy in conjunction with global cultural traditions to assist teenagers with personal development.

Member of

The National Council of Psychotherapists (MNCP)
& The UK Reiki Federation

Other therapies

> Art Therapy
> Counselling
> Life Coaching
> Holistic Counselling
> Lucid Dreaming Therapy
> Reiki Healing & Training
> Dream Analysis
> Meditation Tutoring
> Hypnotherapy
> Past life Regression
> Nutritional Advice
> Chakra Therapy
> Sound and Colour Therapy
> Crystal Healing

Published articles



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Total of reviews: 2
13 03 2017 13:06


Some of the most uplifting therapy I've ever received. Besides that, it was really practical and taught me to use creativity (which I didn't even realise I had!) to get to the route of some of my problems. I'd highly recommend EarthTribe Therapies to anyone looking for a fresh perspective and some real healing.

13 03 2017 13:16

A real life changer

I am a big fan of Kubi's therapy and have come several times for different therapies with her. The first time was for The Chakra Healing course, which took me through every aspect of myself and helped me to grow in many areas of my life using art therapy combined with holistic treatments. Kubi was so compassionate and understanding, which really helped me to open up. The second was for a Lucid Dreaming therapy, where I had weekly sessions using a Proteus mind lab- (which is SO COOL- check that out!), and we tracked and revisited my dreams using a dream diary and also meditation which she guided me through. I learnt so much about how to manifest my goals and a better reality and my life has honestly never been so good ever since! Then more recently, I trained in Reiki Level 1 and 2 and got my certificates to start my own practise, which has helped to transform my life even more. A year ago I was a troubled checkout worker for Tescos and now I am a reiki practitioner earning double what I was earning and bursting with energy and happiness. :) Thank you Kubi! xx