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Meditation relax spirituality p4022ec


12 steps of Christmas Others

Aberporth, United Kingdom

A different spiritual approach to the traditional 12 Days of Christmas based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous from the Big Book.
This is open to all fellowships and will be a small intimate group comprising of just 12 participants travelling together through the 12 days of Christmas , sharing , meditating and reflecting on a step a day from the big book with a morning speaker meeting and meditation practice until midday where you will be encouraged to use the afternoon’s free time for self-reflection.
Personal 1 to 1 counselling and healing sessions will be available (some may require a small extra charge) .
Some of the meditation practices will include sound baths , yoga nidra , guided meditation, and labyrinth walk.

Price will include single room accommodation 24/12 to 6th Jan 2018 B+B throughout (self-serve style)
Welcome supper Christmas Eve , Christmas and New Year’s Day lunch and dinner.

We intend this to be a truly nourishing...

2017-12-24 at 16:00 23h 10min

Meditation pa7bd8f


Meditation For Beginners - 10 Week Course Course/Class

DE11 7JH

Start 2018 with something new and Make time for you

Beginners Meditation for the mind body and spirit

Come along, relax, de stress and alleviate the pressures of modern day life

A 10 week course of 1 hour guided meditations

This course is for beginners or those new to meditation

2018-01-09 at 20:30 1h 0min

Omawake f59c3b703be49dfc442030f1a78f014d00e3460f6669cbbf29e2a05b173a5041


Level 5 CPD Certificate in Myofascial Dry Needling Course/Class

Swindon, United Kingdom

Level 5 CPD Certificate in Dry Needling

Our Level 5 CPD Certificate in Dry Needling is specifically designed for those who are looking to use Dry Needling modalities professionally within therapy, injury treatment and rehabilitation.

This course is open to Sports Massage Therapists at Level 4 or above, Sports Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists as continued professional development.


Jury's Inn Hotel,
Fleming Way,
Swindon, Wiltshire,

Easy access from M4 junction 15 and 16 and 5 minutes walk from mainline
train station ​and bus station.
*Free parking available.

Upcoming Course Dates:

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st January 2018
from 09:30 - 17:30 daily

Book Now with a £99 deposit

Current Course Price: £280

10% Discount is available for current FHT & STA members and graduates from Core Elements Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy co...

2018-01-20 at 09:00 16h 0min

Motivation pb121c6


Introduction to NLP Workshop/Training

Birmingham, United Kingdom

So many people are interested in NLP and Hypnosis and so many people offer courses that it can be a hard, almost scaring decision to make.

With this in mind we felt it would be a great idea to offer a FREE intro day where you get to find out more, try it out and get your questions answered. Plus we wont keep trying to sell you courses just offer the understanding you want.

Course Content
History and development of NLP
What NLP is and is not
Is it a therapy, a sales tool or a model for improved communication?
Techniques and language patterns
Learning Outcomes
The attitude behind NLP. It is more than a collection of techniques
Learn to create fast effective change in your clients
Learn to read signals and build report with ANYBODY

Who is the course aimed at?
Anybody interested in knowing more about NLP
Professionals wanting to develop their career
Sales people, Managers, Coaches

2018-01-21 at 09:30 6h 0min

Reiki p0a65c0


Reiki Share Course/Class

Stourbridge, United Kingdom

Practise Reiki energy exercises and Reiki healing. Recieve a Japanese Reju empowerment. This class is suitable for anyone who has completed Reiki level one.

2018-01-23 at 19:00 2h 0min

Motivation homeopathy healthy nutrition p3c6d92


Theta Healing® Basic DNA Course/Class

Brighton, United Kingdom

Discover how to :
​access your amazing potential as you become aware of the power of your thoughts, and how to rapidly change them to create a life you love
empower and alter any areas of your life you choose
effectively, quickly and easily transform negative beliefs to positive and empowering ones.
end years of self-sabotage and limiting life patterns.
use these techniques to support physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing for a lifetime
Experience powerful, effective, yet easy to use techniques

​The skills to transform challenges and conditioning that you'd like to change and have limited your progress.
You’ll also practice connecting to Guardian Angels, do future readings, and activate latent parts of your DNA.
​Realize how to manifest with unconditional love and Divine Energy.
Increase well-being
Experience being safe making profound changes in yourself and others.
Quickly reveal belief...

2018-01-26 at 10:30 23h 55min

Sound therapy paa84e2


Tuning Fork Practitioner Level 3 Course/Class

Doncaster, United Kingdom

Level 3 Training
You must have completed level 1 and 2 prior to attending this training workshop.

In the Level Three Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner course, students will receive the following items:

1 Angelic Tuning Fork Set

1 Tuning Fork Therapy Level Three Manual

1 set of diagrams

Students are required as on all levels to complete the list of assignments and final exam. The exam will be completed during the class and full support is given. The case studies must be completed in your own time and on completion you will become a Level Three Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner and instructor for Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner courses levels one, two and three.

What does the Level Three Tuning Fork Practitioner Certification cover?

The certification class will cover the following information:

Aura Smoothing Techniques

Intro to Acupressure Points of the body

The twenty major acupressure points of t...

2018-01-27 at 09:00 11h 0min

Spirituality p089e6b


Drumming Circle Course/Class


Explore the ancient art of drum journeying for guidance and healing. Learn how to access your intuition through the drum journey. Perform a healing ceremony for yourself, the group and the planet. Learn songs and dances. Learn about spiritual practises from around the world. Connect with the seasons. Honour your ancestors.

2018-01-27 at 15:00 2h 0min

Sound therapy p79d260


Tuning Fork Practitioner Level 4 Course/Class

Doncaster, United Kingdom

Level 4 Practitioner training. You must have studied level 1-3 prior to enrolling on this course.

Level 4 covers the following aspects:

The 12 Major Meridians of the Body
Points on the Meridians to use your Tuning Forks
The Conceptual Meridian
The Governing Vessel
Additional points along the Conceptual and Governing Vessel
The Microcosmic Orbit
The Flow of Energy
How to Perform the Flow of Energy Method with Tuning Forks
Chart of the Five Elements
The Five Elements and the Meridians
Ascending and Descending Energy

Full payment for level 4 is £200 and due no later than 30th November 2017 when registration closes.

2018-01-28 at 09:00 11h 0min

Health e4234f9


Addictions and Smoking Cessation Workshop/Training

Birmingham, United Kingdom

To be FREE from addictive behaviour it is necessary to understand two key points: (1) the way these reward mechanisms work, (2) how to develop personal resilience so you can become naturally ‘high on life’.

Smoking is the most widely practiced addiction on the modern world; this isn’t just restricted to cigarettes, it includes all its substitutes too – patches, vaping and more… The industry is worth Billions. In this workshop we will look at the truths about addiction and how to enable FREEDOM.

People are addicted to almost anything that appears to give a pleasure experience for example:

Drugs – Cocaine, Heroin, tobacco etc.
Energy drinks
Daytime TV

Addictions often have their roots in unmet emotional needs for example lack of:- feelings of self-worth, time for self, a job you enjoy, a fulfilling relationship, etc. etc.

We will cover:

2018-02-03 at 09:30 8h 0min