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To the point: brain scans suggests more than just pain relief from acupuncture.

Acupuncture article fbf366
For thousands of years, doctors in China have been practicing acupuncture to heal and restore health. Here in the West it seems like researchers ha...
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National Osteoporosis Day

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"On World Osteoporosis Day 20th October no doubt the dairy industry will be touting the same cliches about drinking more milk, especially in light ...
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Holistic Health in the UK

Reiki herbalism recepies article d1bcc9
Complementary Therapies are based on a holistic, or ‘whole person’ approach, i.e. how the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of an...
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3 visual ways to build trust for holistic wellness practitioners

Essential oils diseases ear candling article bd7002
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5 must-have essential oils for meditation

Spirituality essential oils energy aura article 7fc249
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My method of treatment.

Manual massages article d2906a
If you think that a massage is ineffective unless it hurts, you need to think again. Over the years many massage clients have become accustomed to ...
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A simple guide to Scar Tissue.

Manual massages article 65dccd
I’d like to explain in very simple terms what scar tissue is. Scar tissue may occur after overuse or overstretching soft tissue (muscle, tendons or...
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Massage 1st Timers. A little info'.

Manual massages article aa1c72
You have decided that visiting a massage therapist may be just what you need for that achy shoulder, hip, ankle, sports injury etc. Maybe you are s...
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Reiki article c3b7aa
I am an Angelic Reiki Master and in my practice I offer Angel treatments as well as Angelic Reiki workshops. I am also the proud owner of Minnie. S...
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Reiki article 752c62
This is a quick and easy way to help yourself and others in time of need. It can be used to encourage healing, to enhance clarity and to try and ma...
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