About Us

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The Birth of omawake

You wake up, go to work, come from work, go to sleep. And so 5 days a week, 20 days a month, about 246 days a year. Meanwhile you live this routine, you may get a small chance of asking yourself: “What is my real purpose? Is there something beyond this materialistic world?”

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You go to the doctor who takes away the symptom but do you ask yourself: “Did he take away the reason?”

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You face with an emotional breakdown; emotions, which take control over you; and you may ask yourself: “Do I really know who am I?”

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About Omawake

Everyone has its own story but they all join up one mission, called: “the awakening path”. “Awake your body, mind and spirit” Omawake is the online home for holistic therapy, alternative medicine and a balanced harmonious lifestyle. Here, you connect with holistic therapists in the fastest and easiest way, you find and participate in events aimed to broaden your knowledge, you escape to retreats to discover and connect with your inner self

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Our Name

OM - considered to be the first sound that appeared in the universe. Mantra “OM”, sang as “AOUM”, is seen as one of the most powerful existing mantras. Its practice cleans you up energetically. Half an hour of singing “OM” equals 3 hours of yoga practice. AWAKE – reveals our mission of awakening minds and spirits P.S: “You have already begun your holistic approach by pronouncing omawake” ;)

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Our Mission

Omawake is a lifestyle, thus our mission is to help people discover the potential of their 3 main drivers: Body, Mind and Spirit; through the growing community of practitioners. We aim to increase awareness of holistic and natural treatments. Our responsibility is to help therapists get effective web presence and make their activities visible and discussed.

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Our Vision

Omawake’s vision is to be the leading reference for the natural therapy world in the online community. We aim to awaken 135 647 300 bodies, 567 435 543 minds and 1 300 675 000 spirits J ;)